Sunday, May 4, 2008

My Saturday

I had a very hectic Saturday. I couldn't believe I am still up and doing this. Cj and I run this morning at 730AM at McRitchie. Afterwards, we ate breakfast cum lunch at Novena Square. Of course, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to pass by JDA. Asked too many questions from the owner but only bought Stazon hahaha

Since Cj needs to send something to her client, we passed by her house so that she can do so and to pick up Sookie as well. We headed to MWL for the National Scrapbooking Fun Fair. It was really fun! I spent $%$%$%$%$ and got xx chances on the games. Won the Tier 3 prizes 4 times and the Jewel sisters even asked me to play for them. We had fun but totally spent (physically and financially). We capped the night at Thai Express for a very sumptious dinner.


salme said...

wow legs!

Chipmunk said...

Hahaha! Kulit mo Soox... pero grabe ang pagka-competitive nitong si cute#1 ha... 4 times?! Give chance to others my dear... hehehe. =D

Cute#1 said...

hahaha nahihiya na nga ako maglaro eh... kaso me 11 games ako eh...wat 2 do? hihihihihi

Benga said...

hahaha @soox

galing nga! kumbaga sa sugal, pulbos de mesa hahahaha congrats cute#1!