Wednesday, July 23, 2008

On Body Aches and Scrapbook Layouts

Saturday and Sunday mornings were dedicated to my goal to be fit. I went to a dragonboat event on Saturday which left me so tired and achy in parts I dare not tell here. And, a 10km run sponsored by Shape Magazine the following day. I am very happy to be able to finish the marathon along with Cj. Memories... Hahaha...

Saturday afternoon was spent scrapping and carbo loading. I managed to finish two layouts which I will post soon. In fact, a third one is coming up.

I am so happy that it was a productive weekend. I also managed to get an idea for an invite I am making! I can't wait to start! How was your weekend?


Chipmunk said...

Gosh! Late ka na nag-post ha. =) Very productive weekend indeed. Can't wait to see your layouts! =D Congratulations on finishing the marathon!

Cute#1 said...

Thanks Jen! =)