Monday, July 13, 2009

Rangiora Crop Event

Attending a crop event ALONE in a different country, different culture is not my cup of tea. However, since I just moved here in Christchurch and no friends (scrapping friends that is), D would like me to go out and meet new friends with the same interests. So after a few Google search and blog hopping, I finally found this crop event in Rangiora by one of the scrapbooking shop here, which is the Stampin’ Patch (Own by 2 lovely kiwis).

After a few hesitations, well yes I hesitated =), I finally book a place in the event not really knowing what to expect. So in order for me to convince myself that this will be a fun day, I just thought of the items I will buy and it works! Hihihihihi

Retail Therapy – that’s what I needed (“,)

The day finally came with lots of yummy goodies to choose from. I manage to finish one layout using the kit provided by the shop and I just love the colors =) it matches the clothes Eanna was wearing. So, I kept myself busy doing this layout and shopping / browsing at the yummy goodies in the event. And waiting for D to come and pick me up =)

Oh, we usually tramp/bike every weekend. He’s an outdoor kind of guy so I need to be an ‘outdoor kind of girl’ hehehehe peace D =p Kidding aside, as much as I luv scrapbooking and not that much into tramping (especially in this weather), I was really hoping that he will come and pick me up. =) Don’t get me wrong, Kiwis are really friendly. It’s just me. =)

Before the day was over, I met this lovely lady, Trace. She’s a very talented lady and I hope to meet and scrap with her one of these days. (“,)

Here’s the layout.


liliput said...

awww ang cute naman ng picture :) at syempre panalo ang layout ;)

Simply Me said...

Ganda Beth!...I like your handmade flower! Ribbon ba yung petals?